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For Virtual Assistants, Freelancers, OBM's, Project Managers, Online Marketing Specialists, Admin Professionals and anyone who 'gets stuff done' for their clients.

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Learn What Successful Business Owners REALLY Want So That You Are an In-Demand, Well Paid and Indispensable Virtual Support Professional

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Perhaps you can relate...

You LOVE what you do but try as you might you just can't seem to find the good clients. You know, the ones who:

- value the service you provide and sing your praises
- happily pay you on-time and without complaint (no nit-picking every little thing you do)
- have enough work to keep you as busy as you like (vs. just an hour here and there)
- have a clear vision, mission and goals for their business that you are excited to be a part of
- are fun to work with!

It might be easy to think that these clients don't exist - but I assure you they do. In fact, they come to me on a weekly basis asking "Tina, where can I find the help I need?!"

You just haven't found the best way to connect with them yet, which is exactly what I want to share in this brand new training exclusively for "get it done" experts like you.

  • How to know where to FIND high-end clients - it might seem like they are "hiding" but they could be right under your nose,

  • What SERVICES do they want to hire you for? It's essential that you know what high-end clients NEED so that you can confidently offer it to them. (one of their hottest needs right now is hiring an Online Business Manager - which I will tell you more about on this webinar)

  • The ONE thing that every high-end client desperately wants from you, but that they probably won't ask you for (it is the simplest thing ever that will make you stand out from the crowd immediately)

  • What to CHARGE for your work and how to escape the "time for money" trap so that you no longer have to track time and bill by the hour (high-end clients prefer NOT to pay you hourly)

  • What you need to do at the START of working with a high-end client so that you deliver what they need while enjoying the work you do for them (if you aren't careful a high-end client could easily suck up more time than you would like!)

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